In-Memory OLTP


This presentation is now obsolete. The information in this talk has not been updated in a while and could be outdated. Use the information in this presentation at your own risk and be sure to double-check things to ensure that any information you use is accurate.


With the release of SQL Server 2014, Microsoft has introduced a new relational technology as part of the SQL Server database engine.

Their ACID-compliant, in-memory relational solution (code-named Hekaton, now known as In-Memory OLTP) promises up to a 30-fold improvement in transactional throughput in comparison to the current database engine.

This talk will walk through In-Memory OLTP from the standpoint of a database developer implementing the solution, and show both the promise and the "version 1.0" problems with this product.


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Click here to access demo code for this presentation. These scripts give you an opportunity to play with a In-Memory OLTP in SQL Server 2014

The source code is licensed under the terms offered by the GPL.