When done right, data visualization informs users quickly and efficiently with a minimum of distraction. When done wrong, we end up with spinning 3D pie charts. In this talk, we will look at techniques for effective dashboard design, minimizing noise and clutter (like spinning 3D pie charts) while providing relevant information to the intended audience. We will see how different types of charts work, build out rules of thumb around which charts to use, and integrate visuals to create a coherent dashboard image. When it comes to dashboards, we will compare and contrast dashboards based on their intended uses, such as interactive dashboards versus TV dashboards. Finally, we will take an awful dashboard and turn it into something which end users will appreciate.


The slides are available as a GitPitch slide deck.

You can also get a version of the slides in HTML 5 format. All modern browsers (including tablets and phones) should be able to navigate the slides successfully.

The slides are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike.

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You can grab the bad version of the Victory Burrito dashboard and the fixed version of the Victory Burrito dashboard. Both of these are Power BI Desktop files.

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Choosing A Visual

Awful Dashboards